Relax and Enjoy the Ride? Not!!

This morning:

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. (FOX5) — Police are investigating a shooting at the College Park MARTA station that left four people injured. Authorities say the shooter, who got away, may have had a specific target in mind.

Let me just say, I used to ride MARTA often (and still do from time to time) but I NEVER relax and enjoy the ride. MARTA’s police are a joke. And customer service is ridiculous (at least it was the last time I attempted to call).

Unless you are trying to take advantage of a free MARTA ride, you can forget about police interest and protection. The only time I see MARTA police (who aren’t flirting) is in the early mornings at the Kensington Station. They are there to shepard the loud “rowdy” kids who take a special MARTA shuttle to an alternative school. Once the buses arrive and the kids are shipped off, the police disappear.

A few years ago my uncle had a run in with the keystone cops over what they assumed was his sharing a MARTA monthly card with his girlfriend. This particular day, she was going to the airport, on her way to Chicago to attend a funeral. When she passed through the gate, she reached back and handed my uncle her card. She did this because on her last trip out of town, she lost her MARTA card and decided she didn’t need to take it with her to another state since it would be null and void there anyway.

My uncle, on his way to the parking lot to get into his car (he’s never ridden MARTA and said after this experience never would), was tackled and thrown to the ground by MARTA police for fare violation and his girlfriend was taken off the MARTA train at the next stop by police officers. You’d think they had robbed the stage coach or shot someone (a specific target no doubt) but none of those things, it was all a mistake — not even fare violation. Besides, the card was paid for . . . monthly unlimited rides.

So after hearing about the quadruple shooting at the College Park Station and not to forget about the kidnap and rape of a woman from the Lindburgh MARTA station (the woman filed a civil suit against MARTA and was awarded $1.7million) and the shooting of a taxi cab driver at MARTA Kensington or the Cross Keys student who was dragged from an eastbound rail car (were the cameras turned on?) and beaten by a mob . . . one has to wonder what is the priority of MARTA officials and their police — alleged fare violations or violent, serious crime.


Radical Republican @ Work?

Opening business mail is a hazard, sounds like a task designated for someone in security. Lately, our mail department delivers the mail wearing rubber gloves. They put it in my in-box outside my office door or hand deliver it to my bare hands. I’ve thought that to be scary and have wondered if something similar to the story below has happened. But I’m sure someone would have said something if the “white powder” scare had happened.

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina — The campaign headquarters of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards reopened Thursday after authorities determined the white substance found in an envelope wasn’t dangerous, campaign officials said.

“The test results of the white powdery substance received (Wednesday) have come back negative, and the authorities have informed us that it is safe to return to the office,” Jonathan Prince, deputy campaign manager, said in a written statement.

The Chapel Hill, N.C., office was evacuated Wednesday after a campaign worker opened a legal-sized envelop containing the powder. The woman was interviewed by health officials and has shown no health problems, Chapel Hill police spokeswoman Jane Cousins said.

This sounds like something a radical, fanatical republican conservatives would do . . . along the same lines of those who blow up abortion clinics in the name of saving lives. I’m glad it wasn’t as serious as it could have been.

There was a similar scare at Macy’s a few years ago (while I was unfortunately employed there — another story for another time). In the ladies’ bathroom, there was a “white powder” scare. Nine one one was called and every emergency personnel in the area, so it seemed, arrived and the bathroom was closed off. My first instinct was that it was probably powder of a baby or perfume kind (it was summer and a lot of women particularly older women practically bathe in power to minimize sweating OR get this, a mother was cleaning up a baby, sprinkling a bit of baby power on his/her bottom). I stated this to our manager after hearing about the powder. Most everyone in my area agreed that it was probably just plain old powder. Then a rumor cropped up that a major mall was shut down because a white powder was found there also. I called the mall in question and was told that they had not shut down nor was there any problems of a white powder nature.

Barbie Bandits

Great news! White girls rule.

Particularly white girls with blond hair who smile for the camera while robbing banks.

There I was watching CBS 46 news and heard the headline: Barbie Bandits . . . I learned that the name was given to the girls after one was overhead telling a stylist to make her hair look like Barbie’s, thus the name Barbie (poor Barbie). But I saw this media love affair coming long before catching wind of the headline. When CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. reported the robbery last week, no one (not the reporters, the police, etc.) seemed outraged by the crime. I heard a detective mention the word serious but that’s about all. When the story broke, every reporter seemed dazzled by the fact that they were young and smiling . . . oblivious to danger or wrong doing. And NOW they have a tag: “Barbie Bandits.”

Being a white girl is fantastic. They commit crimes and the world keeps loving them regardless of how heinous. White girl teachers molest their male students and the world will argue that the molester is too pretty for jail. They drive across the country, in search of the other woman, while prepped and padded in a diaper and the world shows great sympathy and compassion. They chase their children through living rooms and bedrooms, take them down, drag them to a tub full of water where the helpless children are drowned, and the world creates a mental disease to shield and excuse the behavior.

Earlier this year I witnessed a situation first hand. While sitting in traffic court, in Morgan County Georgia, a white female’s actions were not only defended by her attorney but also the prosecutor. She was ticketed for speeding (something like 95mph) she was attempting to pass a car that seemed to speed up when she tried to go around it. You’re probably thinking, did the prosecutor ask: “Why didn’t you drop back when it looked like the other car decided to speed up?” No she didn’t ask that at all. The prosecutor said (to the judge, in defense of the girl): “I’m familiar with that stretch of road. People are always trying to race with you . . .” Can you believe it! The prosecutor helped defend the accused.

Of course Ann Coulter is notorious for wagging her tongue before her brain can give it permission to move is under fire for calling John Edwards a “faggot.” The New Era dropped her column, siting: <blockquote>
“Lancaster County residents of whatever political view — conservative, moderate, or liberal — deserve intelligent discussion of issues. Ann Coulter no longer provides that.”</blockquote> Her mouth has always been big and I don’t think there has ever been much intelligence occupying her dome. Never The Less . . . she shall be forgiven. For Pete’s sake she’s white!

Perhaps all of this is just a sign that Hilary Clinton will be the next president. She’s white. She’s got blond hair.

Poor Boring Jennifer Aniston

I’ve grown tired of the waves and waves of sickening sentiment and admiration that continues to gush out for Jennifer Aniston. Obviously she has a great team of publicisits for she’s forever in the limelight – posted on the cover of a magazine, on a talk show, being praised online, etc. Since Friends, every movie in which she has “starred” has been a bomb! Each character she portrays is Rachel from Friends. I enjoyed Friends. I enjoyed her as Rachel in Friends. Perhaps she should stick to very similar roles. Yet, I’ve grown weary of her stick figure body (she used to be so pretty before the lollipop girls hit hollywood – I will write about that at another time) and mousy looks (of course she hasn’t had a nose job, I can believe it!).

The movie Derailed would have been much better had she not been in it. She wasn’t vibrant or engaging. In fact, I felt no remorse for her character and was experienced a bit of glee when she was mistakenly shot. She’d already killed the character anyway with her lifeless, boring acting. Added to that I’ve never quite understood how she continues to be considered an “A” list celebrity.

Early Morning Coffee is Bitter

The morning coffee I chose to drink was bitter and unsavory. Had I opted for a more suitable cup, I’d be in a better position. My cups of coffee consist of blogs. I guess I’m somewhat addicted though that word isn’t one I use often in my vocabulary or my daily meditations. The best way to describe it all would be to look upon a porn addict. Who can honestly say that he or she wishes to surf, or walk into the neighborhood store, use hard pressed time to thumb through or surf for titillating images only to feel compelled to fork over hard earned cash to purchase the goods? Driven to do so!

That is how I feel (somewhat) in regards to reading one blog in particular: as if I should be ashamed (and I do) and that it is a waste of my precious time (it is).  I won’t link her, she considers herself a big fish and has bragged about it (though she claims its not important, that her “stats” show her to be among the blog almighties. That is good. I believe we all aspire to be there but then she pretends  its not big deal and that she’d write even if no one else was reading her blog. She calls herself a conservative. I don’t agree with her beliefs or her blatant discrimination of self, even though I’ve found a few pieces I’m in complet agreement with. But mostly I don’t like her. Really, I don’t. Yet I’ve figured her out . . . being an oximoron and passing judgement as if she is the Great I Am is how she became so popular. Imagine that!

And that, I believe, her ability to stick with a subject and beat it dead, even when she is 100% wrong is a complete fascination to me. I’ve learned her secret but being popular and accepted by the status quo isn’t as important to me as it seems to be to her (even though she pretends otherwise).

I’ve found myself weening off. It is a good thing. Why should I help build up a Hitler like persona even if it is a blog and appears silly and harmless?